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Zürich | Exposition “SHELTER IS NOT ENOUGH”

13.04.2017 - 1.10.2017


Flyer de l’évènement

Living Environment for Refugees in Switzerland

A container settlement, a civil protection facility with no daylight or an apartment in a multi-family housing: Asylum seekers in Switzerland live in very different housing conditions. Often these accommodations are of a temporary nature, although some people stay in them for a long time. The exhibition (D/E), which was initiated by Architecture for Refugees SCHWEIZ and developed in collaboration with the Heimatschutzzentrum, provides an insight into the living and housing environments of people who seek asylum here and, possibly, find a new home. For this to happen, they require more than a roof over their head, more than just shelter, since high-quality living spaces are a prerequisite to building successful communities.

Your personal input
The exhibition is meant to be a platform for exchanging ideas between experts, refugees and visitors. Contribute by visiting the exhibition or attending one of our workshops.

Workshops conducted by Architecture for Refugees SCHWEIZAttendees with an asylum and architecture background will present theirworks which will be followed by an open debate in which we highlyencourage you to participate! The findings of the workshops will be integrated into the exhibition. Free admission. Starting at 7 pm.

Wednesday, 19.04. Built heritage near and far – an insight into different traditions (at Heimatschutzzentrum)

Wednesday, 17.05. How could the spatial structure look like for the Swiss and for refugees? (at Heimatschutzzentrum)

Wednesday, 21.06. Private spheres: about human needs

Wednesday, 16.08. Public spaces and their meaning for integration

Wednesday, 20.09. Building a common future: the findings of the workshop series

The locations will always be announced 3 weeks in advance on this page.

Public Events

Introductory tour for the exhibition – approx. 30 min.
Wednesday, 19th of April, 6 pm (connected to the workshop)
Sunday, 21st of May, 2 pm
Thursday, 17th of August, 6 pm (open until 7:30 pm)

Guided City Tour
Thursday, 4th of May, 6:30 to 8 pm
Zurich through the eyes of a refugee.
Meeting point: Lindenhof next to the chess set, finish: Basislager
Fee: donations, please bring your daily public transport ticket

«Heimat» canteen
Borderless cooking and eating with JASS,
Friday, 9th of June, 6 to 9 pm
Fee: donations
Registration at


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