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« Last exit to Brussles? », une exposition qui a eu lieu au Théatre Marni de Bruxelles

L’exposition peut être visionnée dans ce film posté sur Vimeo.


The series of digital collages is an extension of a larger ongoing project of refugees portraits consisting of videos, animation and interviews about their perilous journey to a safe haven, armed only with their hope for a better life.

This series intends to unveil the refugees’s number identity (assigned to them by the immigration institutions) by shading a light on the (in)human side of their life-journey. Their faces become screens, displaying mixed geographies, depicting experiences and harshness of intimate realities. Each portrait carries fragments of a personal history, drawing a bigger picture of thousands of other’s daily struggle for justice, equality and basic human rights. Those are faces of unknown ordinary people we pass by on a daily basis when walking in the street, who soon after blend with the surroundings. This series present a chance to stop, look and take our time, peer through the eyes of others.

They kindly shared with me their personal stories, often terrible, always emotional and upsetting experiences about their long way to Belgium.