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L’Allemagne suspend les renvois des cas Dublin pour les personnes d’origine syrienne

Ce 24 août 2015, AIDA publie la décision prise par l’Office Fédéral Allemand pour l’Immigration et les Réfugiés, entrainant la suspension des procédures de renvoi « Dublin » concernant les demandeurs d’asile d’origine syrienne.

According to the instructions, dated 21 August 2015, Dublin procedures that have already been initiated in relation to Syrians are to be cancelled, in order for Germany to become the Member State responsible for processing their claims. This entails that enforceable return orders for Dublin transfers to other countries are also to be revoked. Newly applying Syrian asylum seekers are to be immediately channelled into the regular asylum procedure and will not be given the Dublin questionnaires usually provided to applicants.

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